Acrylic Mink Blanket

₹ 935.00

We sell a wide variety of Korean soft mink blankets, we offer some of the best available Korean mink blankets on the market.   

Please note that not all Korean mink blankets are the same quality even though they may look alike. The best Korean mink blankets include Wonu, Solaron, and Golden Bear Mink Blankets.

You have never experienced a luxury Korean mink blanket for yourself, you’re missing one of Korea’s finest products and comforts. The top-grade mink blankets we sell are very soft, thick, and luxurious. The Solaron, Golden Bear, and Wonu blanket lines will last over ten years. These blankets will even retain their softness and color after several washes. Korean blankets from Solaron and Wonu have a rich acrylic/polyester blend, while many of the blankets from China come with 100% polyester. In a struggling economy, it is very wise to invest in products with high quality, as they are built to last. Quite simply, Solaron and Wonu are the best mink blankets and they are made to last. 

Korean Mink Blanket prices are increasing, as the cost of raw materials have gone up.

Product Description - Length 210 cm, Width 230 cm, Weight 2499 grams (approx) & Design : Floral

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